blood suckers hide beneath my bed

you avoid what is in front of you,
you neglect your past.
the things that most hold dear,
you let go of because of selfishness.
you stare into the moon, wishing it would stay,
convincing yourself that its brimming light
could lead to manifestation.
you taste the dew of early morning hours,
wondering about the excitement you'd feel
if a mist like this had a sweet, sugary flavor.
the irony of sadness and contentment in the sole activity
you partake in,
it convinces you of an outer body experience,
you hold yourself in your very own
thoughts and ideas
you see them in your mind as constellations;
stars bouncing, creating merely translucent lines that criss-cross
and lay parallel to one another.
you are incredibly enveloped,
there is no need for pen and paper.
you keep and retain,
keep and maintain.
it is all in your mind,
the philosophies you practice,
the ones that you create.
divinity in the veins,
reflection in the water.
reflection in the skin.
reflection in all that has touched you and
all that you have touched.
upon your return,
it may not feel this way.
this moment as a permanent keepsake,
you've burned your structure down
to begin a new.
to see the sun in the same light as the moon
and understand your fate as it is brought upon you.



i can't believe i missed the last few minutes of the US game this morning. I am so glad for the USA! June 26th...i will be prepared to watch them vs Ghana. I'm happy for Donovan, knowing how upset and robbed he must've felt after their game against Slovenia last Friday. GO USA!!!
"What people think of you is none of your business"....yet, I still always wonder how I'm perceived when participating in situations that leave me feeling all the more introverted, shy and awkward. Although, its true- none of my business.

robert herman


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Sophie Srej by Wendy Bevan,
Marie Claire Italia 06-2010

commercial fashion photography is becoming more creative by the day. i'm partial to this. these images by Wendy Bevan are elegant and eerie both at the same time. the juxtaposition of beauty and horror work well here.

be sure to check out Bevan's portfolio. all of her work is inspiring and completely original.

big lips

christian louboutin, do you understand that these pumps would make any woman look straight up sexy? i'm sure you do. gah damn! if only i could drain my savings account for these mamas.

archie comics

i miss deliberately ignoring lectures in 7th grade just so that i could read Betty and Veronica comics my mom bought me at the grocery store the night before...
"nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known" - chuck palahnuik

dash snow



an image i shot for my portraiture class...
something i found...
something i made...