The Greatest Show On Earth

Steven Meisel (one of my most favorite photogs of the fashion world today)
Vogue Italia 2007. Model: Karen Elson


TheDecoDetective said...

I love these, they're really fun and artistic at the same time!
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it (I'm just terribly behind in getting back to all you nice people)
Have a great weekend!
Trudi xo

ivane said...

These pictures remind me of the circus theme I once had on my myspace. I will repost some of the images on my blog...and it's clear this photographer, Laspata Decaro, was notably inspired by Meisel.
Man...I really love steven meisel....his stuff is classic. Have you ever seen his stardust collection? And Make Love, Not War? He's one of my favorites amongst other legendary photographers like annie leibovitz, craig mcdean, sundsbo....they all have a distinct style that you are immediately able to recognize through their photos.

& regarding the blue hour...yeah I think, he's possibly my favorite in the bloggosphere world...
and I love the simple, rustic quality of his photos...everything appears like a dream.