MK Olsen, brights and whites

A white blazer may tend to look very "Miami Vice".... but a good sense of style can really dwindle that notion. When it comes to a sense of style, Mary Kate is usually the first female I consider. Below are images of MK front row @ the Proenza Schouler show and at a debut event for the clothing line, Wool & the Gang. I find the color palette of the white jacket on top of the blue dress [fused with a peachy skin tone] to be truly dynamic. And who doesn't love b&w?

check out the elizabeth & james 09 collection... the subtle, girly dresses and blouses look so cohesive paired with the line's structured and masculine jackets.

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ivane said...

lol miami vice. Hmm I've always been fond of the white blazer. In fact, I wore them through high school which now I have a conscience of what people must have thought of me. haha I hope not "miami vice." Anyway great post. I've always favored MK over Ashley. And her eyes..I want to steal them.