Ultra Swank

While searching for books on tiki art, mid-century architecture, 60s design and 50s illustration, i came upon this ULTRA SWANKY website.....well, literally. Ultra Swank is a Swedish blog that archives retro lifestyle. I'm actually very excited about my new find.... however nerdy it may seem. Ultra Swank's author/owner, Chris posts about EVERYTHING a lover of past eras may be interested in! Whether it be old, vintage or modern... if you're a fan of the 50s & 60s, i promise you will adore Ultra Swank. It's main and major appeal is the fact that each post seems fresh, new and not tired. It seems like everyone blogs about the same old things [including me, but hey, i enjoy it]. The images and videos are some that you probably wouldn't find when searching google images and things of the like...thus the basis of its appeal!


ivane said...

cuuuuuute! And how convenient that the first image couples your banner...in color, that is. Speaking of which, I love the new heading. Is that another font you discovered online? or did you create the design yourself? In any case...the color pattern is sweet.

Chris said...

Thank you for the heads up, glad you enjoy my blog! I recently updated the design, what do you think of it? Have a great week :)