Boudoir Queen

In high school, I saw the films, Our Blushing Brides, with Joan Crawford/ Robert Montgomery & It with Clara Bow. Since then, I have always had love for this "roaring" era. My two favorite decades in terms of dress, makeup, hair, film and music are definitely the 20s and 40s. I have always said that I was born too late and I will continue to live by this. The things I'm most passionate about or take the most interest in are mainly of past eras. I get a consuming feeling of nostalgia in antique stores, watching silent film, listening to Ruth Etting and seeing places like the Boudior Queen. I strangely transform into the typical "kid in a candy store"- my mind begins to daydream and I become wishful of the life of these swingin' and flapper girls. Below is a video by "There's No Place Like Here..." on Etsy.com. I am in complete love with this short video and especially the items and decor of Boudoir Queen. I could only imagine- I'd have to have 10 houses in order to decorate for each style I'm into and I really do wish I could play costume every day of the week! enjoy....

and here are some "Flapper-Style" finds from Etsy.

Flapper Dashery

Marvita 13

David Joseph Designs

Dear Golden Vintage


ivane said...

ok I swear a left a comment earlier...I don't know why it's not posted.

Anyway I think I said something on the lines of you can just have one house and still fulfill your desire. you'll just have a cluster of different themes. haha That's how I plan on decorating my future home. And not surprisingly, we have corresponding wishes in costume play. I consider fashion just that...to experiment with clothes and different styles.

TheDecoDetective said...

Great video! I've always loved the 20es too, although I'm not much of a collector. But the clothes and the interior design is still great!