Lykke Li + Royksopp

This week, I googled Royksopp to see if there was anything new to discover. I came across Stereogum.com who had featured a sample of this song, Miss It So Much, featuring Robyn during March of this year. I'm totally in love with the desperately in love lyrics and the soft/slow happy chimes of the xylophone (at least thats what it sounds like...) really compliment Robyn's angelic vox. Love!

also, Lykke Li for Swedish Elle-

and a picture of Sharon Shy of The Ropes. I'm not particulary partial to their music, but love Sharon's look. I love the DOF/ composition of her positioning via the marbles. Very eye-catching.


ivane said...

I love her energy and her music but I'm not very fond of her voice. It's just too juvenile for my taste...similar, as in the case of Joanna Newsom. But music or anything in concern of the arts are all subjective to personal preference, isn't it? :)

Also, are you free anytime soon? I was hoping we can all hang out again.

p.s. your new banner.....I totally dig it. Sheesh I would love to have just ONE of the many designs you've made previously. haha

Max Gibson said...

I had to take a moment and let you know how much I love the delivery and aesthetic of this blog. You combine your love for chic fashion with your unique perspective to create a wonderful platform to learn from. As an aspiring fashion designer, I have gained valuable insight from your efforts. Please keep up the great work. You're an inspiration!

Max Gibson

aileen said...

well i guess its kind of strange. you enjoy joanna voice and not lykke li's....and im vice versa. interesting!

ivane said...

lol I neither enjoy Joanna which I thought was implied above since they share similar colors in their voices. I just like their music. Then, there are those who have an amazing singing voice but their music is not up to par, which is a shame. >_< Certainly a singer doesn't have to have the "perfect" voice. I suppose it all depends. I have my exceptions. haha