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I've always loved Claire Danes and Leo in Romeo and Juliet- one of the greatest movies that bring me back to my adolescence. I found this "music video" on Youtube while searching for Radiohead on Jools Holland. The song fits so perfectly with the tragic scenes of the film. Although, once you pass 1:30, i think the video gets a little tired.

not everyone enjoys this movie- but its so distinctive of the 90s [which i love]
the music edition... i'm in love with the box cover design.

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ivane said...

well, I certainly love this movie primarily for the soundtrack. I think we both can agree. Also one of my favorites is the bathroom scene with leo and claire between a sheet of aquarium glass and des'ree is singing "kissing you".

Also was there a particular performance by radiohead you were searching for? I think paranoid android remain one of my favorites.