a couple of things

I tuned in to watch the first season 3 episode of Mad Men. Honestly, i wasn't all that excited or impressed. I found it kind of predictable and uneventful. I still love the series, its the only one like it on the boob tube right now.

Also, matt and i went to meet with our printer for our 3rd volume of Throttle Merchants Mag. It'll for sure be out by the beginning of September and we're selling all three volumes and a few tshirt styles @ Primer Nationals. We've really been trying hard to come up with different angles and shy away from the same old compilation of photos we've been doing for the past year now. The next issue is less about the names and more about the photos. There's a hefty amount of images from shows and what not, but the issue still sticks to the same form as Vol 1 and 2. I really want to see this project take off. I'm getting antsy holding in a whole bunch of ideas and not taking them to the camera or desk. Its also difficult to suppress creativity when I see a lot of cool art/photography around nowadays.

I held off on fall semester at college to take an Adobe Dreamweaver course at a regional occupational center. 8 weeks for 4 hrs a day (mon-thurs). I'm hoping to actually come out of the scenario with confidence and get clients.... so that i could (hopefully) quit my part-time job sitting at a fuckin cubicle all day and answering phonecalls from stupid medical offices and crybaby retirees. I really love web design and its hard to try to create what i see in my head without enough knowledge or practice. I hope this decision benefits me. I'm planning on taking a Media Arts course, too. God bless me.

p.s. i'm extremely anxious and nervous about my choices. i'll be honest and say that i really do sometimes care what other people think of me and say about me. i need a career but i seriously hate school. that explains 3 years on and off at a ghetto-ass junior college, right? fuck.

Devoted Apparel is just a cool idea right now. I've got the website up, but its completely empty. Because of this whole tshirt line, I've had a reason to actually get some artwork done and its made me realize that I enjoy it- sketchpad, canvas or computer. I hope to make a living off of it one day.

I've been holding back on the blogging. I actually take more interest in reading other blogs than writing or posting my own shit. Theres so much of the same crap on the internet, everything I post could easily be found somewhere else. Of course, i've been inclined to stay away from posting about my own life- in pictures or words. Truth be told, my life is the same as anyone else's. But less exciting. I'm too boring of a person to upkeep this blogspot.

Still, I want to get my art/ photo blog up. Its obvious that I'd need to network if I wanted to get my artwork going at all. I need a portfolio. I need to try to do all of these things wholeheartedly.

I've also been a hermit. I'm either napping, eating, or working on magazine/screenprinting projects. I like keeping busy and its been hard to keep in touch with any friends at all. Kind of fed up with petty talk and feeling inadequate around people. I am no social butterfly and thats for sure. seriously. but, whatever. cest la vie.


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ivane said...

so how goes the book and the website?

I think we all do care somewhat the impression we leave on others. I for one don't like being judged but it happens. And you don't have to worry about a thing. You're working hard to get what you want. I'd say that's a very admirable trait. Who the fuck cares what others think about your choices, ya know? It's your life and it's going to be your career. So it may not be the standard process in getting there but just know there are many who go to a 4 year college and leave aimless and are stuck with zero motivation.

Anyway, good luck with your Dreamweaver and Media Arts Course! I hope they work out for you.

Also I've been meaning to ask, what software do you use for your graphic illustrations? I want to try different artwork that doesn't consist of a pencil and sketchbook.

Oh and regarding the blog thing, I feel you. And you...are not boring.