Ina Garten

So, I just finished watching an afternoon episode of Barefoot Contessa. I think I watch this show on the daily and can even watch reruns 2 or 3 times over. Its just the type of show that you can have on mute, or turned down low while sitting around the house reading magazines. Although, on the other hand, its probably the only show on Food Network that I get excited for on Saturdays (you know, when the episodes are new!). Well, this last episode just heightened my love for this show and surely, Ina Garten.

Featured on this episode was Rob Marshall. Of course, he wasn't there to help Ina cook in the kitchen- no, this is not Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee!- Marshall (director of Chicago & Memoirs of a Geisha) was just houses down editing his upcoming film, Nine. The episode consisted of Ina making a hearty soup and grilled sandwiches for both Marshall and John DeLuca as they took a break from the editing room. A quick minute before the program ended, Marshall and DeLuca traded the treat of an Ina Garten lunch for a sneak peak of the film. I'm jealous! Ina seems to have a great social life and I love the culture that's portrayed in every short 30 minute episode.

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Need I say more? Barefoot Contessa has every good aspect a Food Network show can have. A great host, chef and enticing/inspiring recipes. The best set ever- the spacious kitchen & gorgeous garden of Ina Garten's Hampton's home. Guest appearances from interesting people and the ability to show viewers how it may be to live, shop, relax and party in the Hamptons- what more could I ask for?

(watch the Nine movie trailer)

And while on the topic of Mrs. Garten, it would only be suitable of me to mention the Chefography episode Food Network did on Ina some time ago. The t.v. biography revealed her history and lifestyle. Remembering this intrigued me to write a little about her- no huge biographies or anything, just a quick list of facts.

interesting facts about Ina:

full name: Ina Rosenberg Garten
met her husband, Jeffrey Garten at 15 (while visiting her brother @ Dartmouth)
during the time of the Vietnam War, she acquired her pilot's license
was the budget analyst for the White House/ wrote the nuclear energy budget during Ford & Carter's terms as President
left her government job in '78 to pursue a more creative career
bought the food store, Barefoot Contessa in Westhampton Bch
earned her MBA @ George Washington University
attended Syracuse to study fashion design and later, economics
for some time, flipped houses in Washington DC
has no professional culinary background
her father was a surgeon
married Jeffrey in '68
spent four months with her husband in Paris, France (after the war)
she has no children
after gaining much attention from the show, Barefoot Contessa, Ina turned down many endorsement opportunities
writes a column in House Beautiful called, "Ask The Barefoot Contessa"
born in Brooklyn in '48
has an apartment in Paris, France
Jewish by birth

I've seen chocolate cake mix and brownie mix from Barefoot Contessa @ Crate and Barrel...but, I've never seen Ina's coconut macaroon mix. excited!


The Glamorous Housewife said...

The Barefoot Contessa rocks. I have all of her cookbooks and use them all the time. As a matter of fact, my last dinner party consisted of all BC recipes save one. Ina really is the best. Love her.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

ivane said...

i love ina garten! Her show is my favorite out of the afternoon bunch. And I am beyond excited for the film NINE. It's so strange because during awards season when Marion and Daniel were receiving their expected awards I remember thinking to myself I hope they get to work together one day and while on my regular imdb inquest. WHat do you know? Marion is to play his wife. Ah! They altered Fellini's vision a lot but I suppose its in part with adjusting to the actors. I'm so so so excited.

btw Ina's life was so eventful and she is sooo youthful for her age. I was shocked to see her birth year! O.O thanks for sharing all this lovely information. And I'm not a general fan of coconut but that looks so delicious.

ivane said...

just for you aileen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nllRVy4N0I :) Although I won't be surprised if you've already seen it.

aileen said...

aw little frances!! my ultimate idol :DDD i never thought i'd still be this intrigued by judy- even after seeing most of her films and performances...its crazy. thanks for the link!

and seriously, i was surprised when my friend sasha told me that Ina used to work for the government- it seemed so out of character. but i suppose thats why she doesn't do it anymore. she's awesome- i think Barefoot Contessa is the only show on that network that seems genuine. even Giada seems to have changed. the soft, sexy music seems to chime in too much and her tops are always cut extremely low...gee, i wonder what their motives are?

but have you seen 5 ingredient fix? I love claire robinson. shes basic and has a cute personality and sometimes you can hear her southern accent come through in her speech. plus, she always has a cute outfit/apron on!

:) i can't wait for Nine either.