michelle branch

Ive been listening to Michelle Branch all morning and found her YouTube channel. I love The Wreckers and how she went from acoustic pop to country....yes, I like country. I learned that she moved to Nashville and is married to her band's bassist (they have a baby girl named, Owen... ) Anyway, back when she came out with The Spirit Room- I was 15 or 16 and to be truly honest (without any sense of embarrassment), she was the reason why I learned to play guitar. Well, I had learned Pretty Woman years ago, but this time I was totally serious. I locked myself in my room during winter break and learned two of her songs (among others). Over the years, of course, I've been inclined to listen to different music and grew out of my "Michelle Branch" phase. I really do think that this neo-country style suits her really well. I can't wait til her new album comes out. After watching the video of her in the studio for this album, I'm wholly intrigued.

P.S. i love her new tattoo...she's gone Nashville and i think it's the cutest thing!

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ivane said...

I've always liked her. She had a distinctive singing voice and she wasn't afraid to dab into different genres of music. Plus she reminds me of my friend's older sister whom I love dearly as my own. haha