video killed the radio star

tunes i can't ignore in the form of the YouTube video!

i think i dig the video more than the music- pretty damn good song though. although, im not a big fan of over-the-top choruses. ahh but i love the tacky 60s theme!

my new favorite... la roux > crystal castles. is that fair to compare? i love the original of this song, but i wasnt able to embed the video.

shoegaze? yum.

the sexiest song in this post. passion pit. u may disagree.... but, whatever.

songs to fall in love to...

i was so calmed by this song.

channeling imogen heap? owell. still love it.

has this song been in a movie yet? it would totally make a moment. it seriously would.

music to fall asleep to...

the stills; always good.

directed by Michinori Saigo. mos def a new fan.

& just because it never gets old and the video rocks.


Cheryl said...

Crystal Castles > everything

I love that Band of Horses video too!

ivane said...

i love alberta cross and passion pit? Definitely sexy. Oh and brady cobert was just icing on the cake! thanks for sharing.