I would actually have to thank Adam for my most favorite trip...ever. It's been forever since Matt and I have been home from Santa Cruz and it's the only thing I've talked about since....well, the only thing I'm interested in. After staying the night in a less than decent hotel, neighboring & overlooking a low-key used instrument store called the Starving Musician, (on the scariest street in Santa Cruz, mind you) Matt and I headed to Adam and Corinne's place in La Selva. A 3 second check-out of our hotel and a ten minute drive later, we were walking into their groovy beach pad. Corinne (with a baby in tow) sat on a queen sized bed foiled with a black comforter as she knitted a scarf- and their little man, Asa, greeted us with laps around the kitchen. Turns out, that scarf was for Adam (the raddest photog around) who was invited to Yokohama JP for the MOONEYES show that went on 2 weeks ago. Its the only show I've set a goal to get to one day in my life. To make me even more jealous, he tells Matt and I that VBS/Vice is paying for his trip just so they could film this dude shooting this fuckin famous car show with his fuckin Leica....the Leica makes me jealous, as well.
So, thanks Adam. I really envy your cool artistic, freelance lifestyle and the fact that you can just up and go to Japan for a week. And thanks for letting us crash at your place for 2 nights...even if you thought i was bored out of my mind and dislike you for being a terrible host.
Anyway, what sparked this post is that a couple of days ago I saw that Adam was tagged in a Yokohama album on Facebook and shit, I'm totally bummed I will never be as cool as him. That album was so rad!!!
these are just random photos off of Mooneyes' site. The video I wanted to post kept giving me errors, so this is what I can offer (until I can make my own ;) )

p.s. Mooneyes has always been good to us. You can buy a Throttle Merchants mag here: http://www.mooneyes.jp/product/212


ivane said...

damn...I don't know him and I'm jealous. hehheh. YOU especially had me at leica. =( anyway you're just as capable. If you're passionate about something and stick to it, comparatively, you're en route to success. I'd say a career that makes you happy is an accomplishment most people can dream of but just keep doing what you love, aileen and you can be just as cool. haha

DeVillier said...

Thanks aileen. You were bored. Its all smoking mirrors. Im a loser