10 things that make me happy

I'm listing 10 things that make me happy as I was tagged by my friend Ivane, (@ Mise En Scene) to do so. "Rules" are to list ten things that make you happy and to do one of them today. Then, link to the person who tagged you and pass it on to 10 others.

1. hugging my little brother
2. peace & quiet (this never happens...but when it does, i am completely indulgent)
3. browsing my favorite blogs and websites ...
IE: style.com, olsen's anonymous, desire to inspire, flickr, nymag.com, vice/vbs...etc
4. eating something that i actually crave
5. taking photos (aileenaquino.com)
6. being with people i love and stumbling upon someone new with intrigue
7. challenging myself
8. optomism
9. discovery (in general)
10. last but not least....going somewhere I've never been

my list cannot be limited to 10 things...this was hard to do!

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Ah discovery! also one of my favorite things. Thanks Aileen.

Love, Betsy.