limited edition Leicas.

above: limited edition M7 in "etoupe" and orange.
Hermès and German camera & optic company, Leica have teamed up together to design a limited edtion M7. The camera comes in two different colors; an Hermès' signature "etoupe" and a bright orange (both in leather). Imagine one of the most expensive and luxurious cameras on the market intermixed with the design of one of the most luxurious designers in the fashion industry....hmmmm. Only 200 available and each around $14,000. if only i had the dough to buy one of these babies!

limited edition Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera in all white. Now, in terms of design, this piece of equipment is all it should be- sleek, clean, geometric, modern...HOWEVER, in my hands, this pretty baby would be dirty after just a few hours. For use, I'd stick to a Leica film camera...all black, heavy duty, built for the artist/ laborer. You know, the kind that Eve Arnold, Elliot Erwitt, Robert Frank, and Cartier-Bresson used....

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