This here is just a prolgoue, the preface...an introduction or a mere beginning to a future post i've had churning up in my head for days. The subject is the beloved Annie Leibovitz and the subject matter is of course, my love for this women's photography. American Music is just one example of my unrequited passion for her career. It is all things americana and every page of this book has its own precious quality. North America is a big place and music here has transitioned, has been innovated, has been BORN. Leibovitz worked for Rolling Stone magazine for 13 years and this exhibition of images she says, "came from a desire to return to my original subject and look at it with a mature eye. Bring my experience to it…make it a real American tapestry." Honky tonk, jazz, folk, blues, rock n roll.... all of these wonderful things are meshed together into a few pages of glory. The landscape of America is composed into this harmonious collection of imagery.

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