i'm glad that i made the trip to barne's last weekend just to escape for half an hour before climbing into bed. matt and i bought a 2 for 1 deal and i came across two reads about New York. i'm not even done with the first chapter of Netherland, but i am wholly enthralled by O'Neill's writing. the first couple of pages were surprising to me; i didn't imagine myself becoming intrigued by such a modern plot. i'm entertained by the fact that after every few sentences i find myself researching on google & dictionary.com to find & understand phrases, words and references i read in the text. the visages he paints of manhattan, brooklyn, jersey etc... are consuming and create brief interludes in between paragraphs as i read. i sit, i imagine, i dream of New York. grab this book. you will not be disappointed.

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ivane said...

I want to borrow! haha