Rodney Smith

One photographer whose eye is so utterly keen and promising is that of Rodney Smith. You may have seen his work for BMW ad campaigns or a plethora of noteworthy designers, magazines and varying companies {ie: The New York Times, W Magazine, American Express, Saks 5th Ave, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks Coffee- etc}

His work is poignant, yet simple at the same time. It is provocative of our own human nature- it is satire with hope, with love, with humor, with obscurity and definite surrealism. His compositions always serve some sort of purpose, it is aesthetically decided and imaginative and formed to make the mind speculate reality. Looking through his portfolio, I always find myself feeling as if I were asleep and awake and aware all at the same time. I see someone making a picture before me- allowing me curiosity and calming my mind all the while.

Often times in Smith's images, I get the sense of belittlement and inferiority. Its perplexing and I tend to feel sympathetic, although triumphant in its beauty & symbolism. His exposures, lighting, thought, his ART- everything is TOP.


in color:

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Meg Biram said...

These images are BEAUTIFUL!!!