inside Erin Wasson's apt.

This picture-post should speak for itself. I will keep the text down to a minimum this time. I've been really intrigued by Dwell magazine lately and have always loved a "loft" type of place/ ie: studio, NY apartment... Erin Wasson's apartment is to die for. I love the effortless beauty of the decor. Every room seems so lived in. Anyone could easily identify her home with & by her own personal style.

post script:
anyhow, i just got back from Monterey Bay/ Santa Cruz CA... i'm working on photo editing. but i'll post em up soon.


ivane said...

Erin's such a cool chick. She's one of those girls I'd love to be friends with. haha And her place looks so familiar. Let me find those photos and I will get back to you. Is there a way to post images via comments on blogspot?

p.s. I hope you don't mind that I saved your name as your blog title since I'd like for you to be more than just a dot. lol

ivane said...


Here you are! I love brick walls. It makes for a great feature in an apt. ANyway I love this site....there was another particular feature of a girl in her bedroom with a gorgeous, almost glam rock decor. Hopefully I can find it. I will post in on my blog when I find it.

TheDecoDetective said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment =) Much appreciated! This is a very cool apartment - I love brick walls, too! But I love the yellow chairs even more...