From Betsy With Love

One of my favorite blogs, From Betsy With Love, featured me in their "Weekend Links" a couple of weeks ago. I never did thank them for linking me and creating this cute graphic...so, thanks, Betsy!


ivane said...

woohoo! :)

okay....I've encountered some of the strangest words with the verification below. Right now, it reads bukaloda. -__-

ivane said...

p.s. Sorry for not responding earlier. I think your message was sent late (I need to renew my phone, seriously) Well, I had assumed you were busy so I left my phone in my bag and when I got home I checked to find a new message.

Anyway that's so sweet. What charity? How do you produce the shirts? Will chris be helping you with that? I'm just really curious. It sounds like an awesome experience. and please share your artwork!

Keith said...

That is a wonderful graphic. Hope you had a good weekend.

Max Gibson said...

Congratulations on the feature, it's always great to be acknowledged for our work. Keep it up, everything on here is fantastic.

Max Gibson