Mistral and Nanette

So, I just got back from shopping at Anthropologie for a new notebook. Whenever I go there, I make sure to check out their soaps, lotions and perfumes. I came upon Mistral- Lychee Rose. The most HEAVENLY scent ever! It also reminded me to keep note of Nanette by: Nanette Lepore. Both scents are VERY feminine. If ever anyone needed to identify a perfume with the term "girly", these two are it. I can't wait to get them for myself... Lychee Rose is very subtle, yet whimsical in a way. When i tested it, my eyes began to close in utter delight. Walking back to the parking lot, I kept smelling the back of my wrist... Two weeks ago when I picked up Nanette in Sephora @ Downtown Disney, I immediately thought to myself, this is what a Parisian girl's home must smell like... anyhow, here are the two bottles. They literally look the way they smell!

p.s. i actually looked up Mistral's own website. The bottle goes for $52 there + shipping. At Anthropologie it is $48- however, i could only find their Citrus scent on the website.

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ivane said...

Ooh I'd definitely like to try the lychee rose. I love lychee!